Our history

On September 6th, 2017 ... A never before seen category 5 Hurricane named IRMA paved her way to the Caribbean islands and devastated without leaving anything behind the island of: St. Martin, St. Barthelemy, Barbuda, St. Eustatius, Anguilla, Saba and the Virgin Islands. All we had or ever knew, simply listened to the law of Nature and flew away in the wind , leaving behind it desperate islands and its people with a huge sanitary emergency.

Christel GRASSER alias Kris, resident of the island of Saint-Martin, was particularly shocked, concerned and affected by this horrible disaster. She decided to create a solidarity movement entitled Solidarité SXM via Kris to help the people of her adopted and loved island. She just could not sit there without doing anything.

This is how Kris was fortunate enough to be able to discover the General Ecology purification products. She brought couple rescue supplies from the pro range. With the help of volunteers, She handed out purified drinking water to those affected on the island of St. Martin.


At that point, She suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem that each and every one of us met in our day to day lives after the hurricane. None of us had access to drinking water. That is why She came up for the idea of being able to provide clean and purified drinking water for all ! Known on social media for her brave heart and charity mouvements, Internet users slipped her the idea of bringing her project to a much larger scale… Why help just a few when you can reach out to a whole population?

This is how Aqua By KrisTM was born and has become a reference company in eco-citizenship, public health and waste reduction by providing everyone the access to purified drinking water at home and especially at a lower cost.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to drink clean water right from our very own homes and by doing so, contribute to waste reduction for our island ? These are the values that Aqua By KrisTM will be embodying.

The unique Structured MatrixTM developed by General Ecology, whose certificates are provided and validated by many institutes and laboratories around the world as well as by the Institut Pasteur in Paris, will prove the conformity and effectiveness of these unique products which are by the way, the N # 1 on the market of water purifiers.

Aqua By KrisTM offers you a wide range of household purifiers, whether you're hocked on the city's water system or personal cistern, these products will allow you to have pure and clean spring water at home without having to worry about carrying those heavy grocery bags out of the stores or discarding plastic bottles.
Together, Let's us make sure that your family never has to run out of water again with the portable products you could cary around. Light weighted and easy to install ! You'll be ready for whatever disaster or emergency.
With Aqua By KrisTM having the best water is just a must. Be free to drink all you need. The first glass is for you !

Kris's word

" We have a dream ... Drinking water for all people "

Aqua By KrisTM, exclusive distributor and approved by General Ecology on all the islands and countries of the Caribbean below..

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